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The NuStar Power Pusher® is the most practical tool a service department or fleet can employ. The Power Pusher™ is not just an extra piece of equipment, it's a working member of your team. Our customer's tell us it's an absolute necessity and the Power Pusher™ is easily maintained.


The NuStar Power Pusher® pushes most any vehicle or object that rolls. From automobiles to military vehicles, foundries to material handling, the Power Pusher® does it all.


The NuStar Power Pusher® pushes or pulls most any vehicle with its sturdy push pad.

Prevents Accidents & Reduces Risks

The NuStar Power Pusher® creates a safer work environment by reducing the risks of injury to your employees. The Power Pusher® also helps reduce medical claims due to pushing or pulling heavy objects.

Power Pusher®

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The NuStar Power Pusher® is a battery powered, heavy duty, multi-use device originally designed to move immobilized vehicles. It is able to push or pull almost anything on wheels. The Power Pusher's® low maintenance and durability are just two of its many features. The Power Pusher® moves equipment more efficiently and helps to reduce the risk of injury.

The Power Pusher

The NuStar Power Pusher® accomplishes the task with only two people, not the five or six that are normally required to move inoperable vehicles. The Power Pusher® increases productivity and reduces direct labor cost on non-profitable activities. It gets the job done in less time with less people.

The NuStar Power Pusher® is always ready when you are. The built-in battery charger keeps the Power Pusher® ready at all times. - simply plug into a 115V outlet when the unit is not in use. The Power Pusher® is mobile, fits through most standard doorways and is easily stored.


Standard Unit
  • Variable Speed - Soft Touch Control
  • Capacity 4,000 lbs. - Up 3% Grade
  • Automatic Braking and Anti-Runaway
  • Continuous Duty Motor
  • One Year Warranty on All Parts
Extra Duty Unit
  • Variable Speed - Soft Touch Control
  • Capacity 18,000 lbs. - Up 5% Grade
  • Automatic Braking and Anti-Runaway
  • Continuous Duty Motor
  • One Year Warranty on All Parts
Super Power Pusher™
  • Variable Speed
  • Capacity 50,000 lbs. - Up 20% Grade
  • Automatic Braking and Anti-Runaway
  • Continuous Duty Motor
  • One Year Warranty on All Parts
  • Heavy Duty 8 Foot Quick Connect Jumper Cables
  • Tire Chains
  • Batteries (2 required)
  • Low Gearing Package with Lock-Out Hub assembly (This is required for drive on lifts)

  • Heavy duty nylon webbing provides safe, secure holding
  • Can handle most vehicles up to 4,000 lbs.
  • Attaches easily to vehicle
  • Fingertip controls
  • Two speeds, forward or reverse
  • Turns at nearly right angles
  • Two 12-Volt deep cycle batteries provide 24-Volt power to the electric/hydraulic system
  • Built-in battery charger
  • Tire chain
  • Lifting crane


MFC-100™: Complete cart with "J" hooks and slings, two 12-volt deep cycle batteries and built-in battery charger.
The MFC-Cart
Packed with Powerful Features!
  • Heavy duty jumper cables
  • Forward / reverse handle provides additional safety
  • Operator panel houses switches controlling the two speeds, direction and horn
  • Operator control arm turns cart at nearly right angles
  • "J" hooks are easily attached to front or rear suspension
  • T-Hooks attach to the transport holes
  • Hydraulic traction motor for smooth operation
  • Utility table
  • Wheel lift accessory

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